Claim Center

We hope you're fortunate enough that you never have to file a claim. But if you do need to file one, this is the place to go.

Urgent Claims
Call 800.477.1660 immediately to report the following claims:
  • Your home has become unlivable
  • You’ve been involved in an accident involving serious injury
  • You have a workers’ compensation claim
  • You require immediate assistance.

Claims (other than auto glass)
For other claims that are not as urgent, call 800.477.1660 or report the claim online using the form on this page.
Auto Glass Claims
For auto glass claims, call Safelite Solutions directly at 877.592.2702.
Emergency Property Repair
Can’t locate an emergency repair contractor on your own to help you extract water, tarp your roof or board-up your home or business? Search for one by county here.

Claims Contact Info
800.468.8084 (fax)
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 527
Indianapolis, IN 46206
Street Address/Overnight Delivery Address:
10 West 106th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46290

Report A Claim Online:

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Claims Forms

Automobile Forms
Automobile Odometer Statement
New Parts Form
One & Same Affidavit
Passenger Statement Form
Power of Attorney
Release Form for Medical and Wage Information
SR21- Indiana Operator's Proof of Insurance/Crash Report
Title Guarantee Statement

Property Forms
Personal Property Inventory

Workers Comp Forms
First Report of Injury WC34401

Miscellaneous Forms
W-9 Form
Claims Fax Cover Sheet