Indiana Farmers Insurance associates


We are a member service company. We only exist to serve you.

Indiana Farmers Insurance is a mutual insurance company and exists only to serve our customers. We have no stockholders who expect a return on their investment. We focus exclusively on the financial protection of our policyholders and are not burdened by the expectations of the financial markets. All this means that when you buy a policy from Indiana Farmers Insurance, your premiums only go to pay for losses and to operate the company.


We are Midwesterners.

Indiana Farmers Insurance knows insurance, but just as important we know the Midwest. We know its values - they’re the same by which we run our company. To us, people and relationships really matter, and there’s a certain respect and appreciation that everyone in the company feels for each other, our agents, and you.


Our goal is to create the ultimate customer experience for you.

We want insurance to work for you. So, we invest in listening to you to understand your expectations; to make everything simple and easy; to put your experience first and foremost.


We partner with only the best agents.

Insurance can be complicated so it is important to have a trusted expert who will guide you through your insurance experience. We partner with only the best agents, and like us, most of our agencies have been serving customers for generations.


You can expect the highest level of service from us.

We will respond with urgency and attentiveness if you need assistance or have a claim.

84%25 of members who make a claim rate us 9 or 10

Since 1877

We’ve been insuring Midwesterners for more than 140 years. While this doesn’t necessarily make us better, our longevity comes from sticking to a set of solid core values and sound business principles.


Strength, Stability

Our core business objective is to be there when you need us most. We work hard to maintain the financial strength and stability to pay claims now and for years to come. You can rest easy knowing that A.M. Best, the financial rating company that evaluates insurance company performance, continues to give Indiana Farmers an “A” (Excellent) rating. Click here to read our 2021 Annual Report.