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Hog Confinement

Protecting Your Livelihood
We specialize in insuring farmers and have been proudly doing so from our beginning. One of our Indiana Farmers Insurance specialties is hog confinement, offering tailored policies to protect your buildings, equipment, and livestock.
Your Confinement and Other Farm Buildings
Structures used to house livestock, machinery, and feed on your farm as well as farm rental houses can be protected against multiple risks. 
Farm Machinery, Equipment, & Farm Personal Property
Includes coverage to protect your hogs, equipment, supplies, grain, feed, and tools. We can insure your hogs or equipment by listing each item on the policy or providing blanket coverage.
Get protection for the hogs you own against loss by suffocation due to power interruption.
Contractor Growers Liability
If you have hogs that you don’t own but are in your care, custody, or control, we can provide you with coverage for loss due to causes such as suffocation, fire, smoke, or explosion.
Peak Season
When your hog inventory fluctuates throughout the year, we can provide coverage that tracks and changes with your needs.
Farm Income
In the event a covered loss halts your farming operation, coverage can step in and help pay ongoing expenses to get you back on track.
Extra Expense
Extra Expense Coverage is available to assist in paying for additional costs to help resume normal farming operations after a covered loss. For example, if a tornado damaged part of your building and you need to rent another facility to house the animals while repairs are being made, Extra Expense will help you cover the rental costs.
Want More?
We offer many additional coverage options including:
  • Limited Farm Pollution up to $500,000 available.
  • Replacement cost for farm structures.
  • Additional Cab Glass Coverage that goes beyond the standard limit.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage for farm structures and farm personal property.
  • Coverage for GPS equipment tied to combines and tractors including coverage for both the hardware and software.
  • Farm Extender Endorsement: Broader property coverage for livestock, outbuildings, equipment, machinery towing, labor costs, equipment rental reimbursement, and more.
  • Property and Liability Coverage for drones.
  • Liability Coverage for custom work and farming.
  • Earthquake Coverage on dwellings and farm structures.
  • Coverage for 4-H and FFA animals (cattle, sheep, pigs) up to a certain amount.
  • Family Medical Payments for actual named insured(s).
Have our farm insurance experts go over the ins and outs of our program and the additional options available so you are risk-ready. Click here to find an Indiana Farmers Insurance agent near you today.

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