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Farm Insurance

Born in a barn and proud of it! In 1877, a group of farmers met in Crawfordsville, Indiana, to form an organization that would assist in sharing each other's misfortunes in the event of a fire. This was the beginning of Indiana Farmers Insurance. More than 140 years later, we are still in the business of helping farmers manage their risks.

Whether your farm is your business, your hobby, or your passion, we can help you manage the risks. We know that farms come in all shapes and sizes – each is unique and requires just the right insurance coverage options.

Choice Is a Good Thing
Customized coverage just for your farm.

You and your farm are one of a kind…your farm insurance should be too! In addition to all the farmowners insurance basics, there are plenty of options you can choose to make your policy fit your needs. Additional protection for your home with coverages such as backup of sewers and drains and replacement cost for your personal property; for your recreational vehicles and watercraft; and for your farming operation.

Through our Business Insurance team, we can also provide you with Workers Compensation insurance to protect your employees if they get hurt on the job. Employment Practices Liability coverage is available as well to protect you in the event of an employee-related dispute such as allegations of discriminatory hiring practices, harassment, and wrongful hiring. 

Save Some Dough
Find out how to get the coverage you need at a great price.

You don’t have to bet the farm to get the right coverage for you and your unique farming operation. Your Indiana Farmers Insurance agent can get you tailored coverage at a great price. 

The Lingo
Now you can talk the talk like the pros.

Dwelling Coverage (your farmhouse) – Helps to pay for the repair or rebuilding of your home if it is damaged or destroyed by – among other things – fire, wind, hail, or lightning.

Farm Structures – Here’s where we can cover the barns, farm buildings, portable buildings, and even additional farm dwellings.

Private Structures – This is where coverage can be found for structures not used in the farming operation. Have a fence? It’s covered. Gazebo or personal storage shed? Covered.

Personal Property (your stuff, though, not your farm stuff) – Protects the things in your house: your furniture, clothes, appliances, and all those knick knacks. For some really expensive items such as jewelry, guns, grandma’s silverware, and computers, you'll want to consider adding additional coverage.

Farm Personal Property – This is all the things you use for farming such as equipment, supplies, grain, and livestock.

Liability – This will help if you're held accountable for claims such as when someone is hurt or property belonging to others is damaged on your farm as a result of your farming operation. 

A Deeper Dive
Learn more about these specialties.

Dairy – Indiana Farmers Insurance provides custom dairy farm coverages designed to make sure you’re protected. We understand the unique risks dairy farms face – from milk contamination losses to high-value building complexes, equipment breakdown, and loss of farming income.

Grain Farming – From feed and silage for livestock to ingredients for edible food products, grain farming is a cornerstone of agriculture. Operating a grain farm involves unique risks and your operation deserves specialized coverage from Indiana Farmers Insurance.

Hog Confinement – We specialize in insuring farmers and have been proudly doing so from our beginning. One of our Indiana Farmers Insurance specialties is hog confinement, offering tailored policies to protect your buildings, equipment, and livestock.

Poultry Confinement – At Indiana Farmers Insurance, our years of experience protecting the farm industry include poultry confinement. We can insure your facility, equipment, and income with custom programs that address your specific needs.

Roadside Stands and Farmer's Markets – Many farm operations we insure have roadside stands or sell products at a local Farmer’s Market. As part of our comprehensive farm insurance program at Indiana Farmers Insurance, we provide automatic coverage for the property and liability risks that come with having a roadside stand or setting up a stand at the Farmer’s Market.

Aquaculture – Aquaculture is increasing throughout the United States. Indiana Farmers Insurance is proud to be at the forefront of providing farmers in this sector with the insurance coverages needed to protect against a variety of risks. We insure farms that raise shrimp, tilapia, salmon, and more.

Have our farm insurance experts go over the ins and outs of our program and the additional options available so you are risk-ready. Click here to find an Indiana Farmers Insurance agent near you today.

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