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Farm Insurance

Born in a barn and proud of it! In 1877, a group of Montgomery County farmers met in Crawfordsville, Indiana, to form an organization that would assist in sharing each other's misfortunes in the event of a fire. This was the beginning of Indiana Farmers Insurance. 141 years later, we are still in the business of helping farmers manage their risks.

Whether your farm is your business, your hobby or your passion, we can help you manage risk. We know that farms come in all shapes and sizes – each is unique and requires just the right insurance coverage options. After all, farm livin' is the life for us!

Choice Is A Good Thing
Customized coverage just for your farm.

Not everybody needs or wants everything. So in addition to all the farmowners insurance basics, there are plenty of options that you can choose to make your policy fit your needs. Below are a few examples, and many of these options can be grouped together for your convenience and to save you money.
Backups of sewers and drains – Yuck, this is really as bad as it sounds. We can help by adding coverage for this kind of mess.
Get replacement cost coverage for personal property because chances are if you have a loss you’ll want new stuff.
Coverage for recreational vehicles and outboard motor watercraft liability.
Water is essential on a farm and if a well pump is lost, we will pay to replace it.

Save Some Dough
Find out how to get the coverage you need at a great price.

If your farm is your hobby and not your business you can save 20 percent on the entire insurance policy.

New home? Farms with newer homes can save up to 30 percent.

Combine and save. Customers with more than one Indiana Farmers Insurance policy enjoy multi-policy discounts. 

The Lingo
Now you can talk the talk just like the pros.

Dwelling Coverage (your farmhouse) – Pays to repair or rebuild your home if it's damaged or destroyed by – among other things – fire, smoke, storms, explosion, vandalism, and burglary.
Other Structures – If you’ve filled up your garage with so much stuff that you need a storage shed, it’s covered. Have a fence? It’s covered. Gazebo? Covered. Your farm structures are covered differently.
Farm Structures – Here’s where we cover the barns, portable buildings, and even other dwellings.
Personal Property (your stuff, though, not your farm stuff) – Protects the things in your house – your furniture, clothes, appliances, and all those knick knacks. For some really expensive items like jewelry, guns, grandma’s silverware, computers, and business equipment, you'll want to consider adding additional coverage. ​
Farm Personal Property – This is all the things you use for farming such as equipment, supplies, grain, and livestock.
​Liability – This will help if you're held accountable when someone is hurt or property belonging to others is damaged on your farm as a result of your farming operation. ​

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