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'They're Just Safer Drivers'

May 31, 2016
INDIANAPOLIS - Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds?

The Tire Rack Street Survival program's focus is to save teen drivers' lives. Again in 2016, Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Company is proud to help sponsor these worthwhile classes in the state of Indiana.

The classes teach young drivers how to control their cars in unpredictable situations. Teens learn how to make good driving decisions and to react more quickly. The program is designed to try and simulate real-life emergencies that might happen out on the highway or on the road.

"Driver education that the kids get in high school classes is rules of the road. What do different shaped signs mean. Who gets the right-of-way coming up to a four-way stop. We don't teach basic driving skills. We teach emergency maneuvers," said Randy Faunce, Street Survival Committee Chair.

"I was coming home. It was a bit of a rainy night and someone slammed their brakes in front of me," said Austin Harrington, staff volunteer. "Had I not gone through that course, it might not have given me the reaction time to be able to switch lanes quickly enough that I could avoid an accident."

"It seems like every year I host one of these, within the first month after we've packed up and gone home, I get the email, 'Thank you so much for hosting that class. If they hadn't taken that, if they hadn't repeated those drills over and over again, we know the car would probably be in the junkyard and they'd still be in the hospital," said Faunce.

In the last three years, more than 475 students have participated in the program throughout the state of Indiana. Nationally in 2015, the program saw more than 3,000 student participants.

"Kids that do this school are three times less likely to be involved in an accident in the next 24 to 36 months. That's why I do this class. That's why I spend so many hours getting all this organized," said Faunce. "They're just safer drivers."

For more information on this program and to find a class location in Indiana and elsewhere around the country, visit