Thermometer buried in the snow

Safety Tips for the Polar Vortex

January 29, 2019
by Darrell Howard, Property Claims Manager
  • If you have to be out, limit your time. In these temps, frostbite can set in within 5-10 minutes. 

  • Dress in layers and use something to cover your mouth to keep the freezing air from damaging your lungs.

  • At home, turn your thermostat up in advance of the cold temps to build up some warmth.

  • Make sure your furnace filter is clean to aid in air flow.

  • If you're not using your fireplace, close the damper.

  • Open cabinet doors for all plumbing located on an outside wall. Also, leave a small stream of water running on these faucets - both hot and cold water. Hot water freezes faster than cold.

  • Know where your water shut off is, just in case.

  • Keep your garage door closed.

  • Most of all, BE SAFE!