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Our 2019 Shining Stars at Indiana Farmers Insurance

April 25, 2019
Each year Indiana Farmers Insurance asks our associates to nominate their peers for our Shining Star awards. This year, we honored six associates who made extraordinary contributions to the success and progress of our company.
2019 Shining Stars
Pictured (left to right) are Holly Weaver, Shari Nicholls, Emma Glover, Lisa Earnest, Kathy Titus, and Judi Burcham.

And here’s a little more about each outstanding individual:

Holly Weaver: Holly received multiple nominations and was recognized for taking great pride in her work while truly caring for our members. It was noted that she made it her mission to ensure each member has a truly great experience. Success in this area is evidenced by the numerous comments and feedback we received directly from our members after they had a chance to work with her. Internally, it was noted that Holly is a strong business partner with other business units and our agents. One of the nominations succinctly observed that Holly is a rock star.

Shari Nicholls: For anyone who has had the opportunity to work with Shari, this will come as no surprise. State expansion into Illinois was a significant initiative in 2018 that will have long lasting implications for our company. While many of our associates worked on state expansion, Shari was instrumental in leading and managing this project. Leading by example, assuring accountability, helping whenever needed, overcoming obstacles, and recognizing others for their contributions and successes were just a few of the qualities observed and recognized. The last sentence of the nomination for Shari was striking: “We are a better company for having her on our team.”

Emma Glover: Emma was recognized for her expertise in multiple areas, translating directly to exemplary service to our members. This includes billing questions, underwriting appetite, and many others. She is also recognized for being able to deliver a message to members that may not be so great, but still helping the member. Internally she is recognized as a “go-to” resource, especially for billing questions. Her positive attitude is constant and contagious.

Lisa Earnest: Lisa was an active participant in two major projects in 2018 for our homeowners insurance product and for state expansion. Reviewing forms, writing Diamond specifications, preparing manuals, and creating educational materials were just some of her activities on the homeowners update. For the state expansion initiative, Lisa voluntarily took on additional duties to assure our success. It was observed that she spent countless hours beyond the traditional work day to keep the research and development work for the Illinois state expansion on track.

Kathy Titus: Kathy demonstrates urgency, passion, and a relentless work ethic. Her experience and knowledge allowed us to develop and implement effective and efficient processes that we didn’t have before. Her primary role and successes included leading the development of the requirements for the forms, rates, and rules associated with each line of business necessary for state expansion to Illinois. She was also able to identify critical aspects and risks outside of her primary role.

Judi Burcham: Judi received multiple nominations and was recognized for her work with our agency partners and our members. It was noted that she is viewed as a “go-to” resource, a counselor, a teacher, and a business partner. Multiple agents commented that she has helped them grow their book. Internally, she is admired for the size of the book of business she oversees and her ability to provide a WOW factor of service.