Front of the Indiana Farmers Insurance office building

Our 2018 Customer Experience Award Winners

November 15, 2018
Our company's vision is to always be the smart insurance choice for our members. We strive every day in everything that we do to always put our members first.
Our Vision Team would like to honor several associates who exemplify award-worthy customer experience performance with our second annual Customer Experience Awards.

Congratulations to these award winners (with excerpts from their nominations):

Alicia Peetz & Jeanna Lemaster: One of our members was rebuilding her home after a fire and her builder asked for some very specific coverage. Two of our Underwriting associates jumped in to help late on a Friday afternoon under a tight deadline for the builder. It was not a simple job. Alicia isn't the underwriter for the policy and Jeanna, a manager, oversees a different line of business. It was an excellent display of customer service and two associates taking ownership for a positive member outcome.

Mallory Byers: Mallory created a new process for our Commercial Loss Control team with better efficiencies and faster communciation for our members, allowing our team to spend more time with members and less time with paperwork and postage.

Denise Moran: One of our members had a car accident and quickly needed a rental car so he could get to work. Usually a rental car is assigned by a claims adjuster, but the urgent call came into Denise after attempts to the agency and the adjuster failed. Denise, one of our Customer Service team members, confirmed rental coverage and helped get him back on the road. Some time later, the member called back to share his appreciation with her manager. He said he was a former drill sergeant, so giving positive feedback was not something he did regularly. He commended Denise for doing the right thing and for providing excellent customer service.

Becca Grinstead, Craig Flint, Matt Amonett, Stacey Marsh, Jeff Louden, Jackie Green, and Lisa Marlow: In May, we launched our upgraded My Account section of For the first time, the website works easily on phones and tablets. It provides secure access to policy documents, payments, and for the first time, gives members the ability to complete some self-service – for example, changing payment methods. The associates mentioned here worked hand-in-hand with a vendor to deliver this website, and there's more to come as we continue to expand its features.

Brian Fink, Zach McCoy, and Gerri Mannix: When a claim happens, members want to get things back to normal as soon as possible. That process also needs to be simple, easy, and fast. Brian, Zach, and Gerri, all associates on our Claims team, adopted a process called Smart Total Loss to expedite total loss auto claims. What once took days (or even longer) now can be started and finished in a single day. Brian, Zach, and Gerri delivered a great example of adapting new technologies to create better customer experiences.

We have many associates creating great experiences for our members, so we also want to thank all of them for their hard work making Indiana Farmers Insurance the SMART choice. Thank you!