Shamrock Farm: Lessons Learned from Indiana Businesses

March 24, 2018
ARLINGTON, Ind. - At Shamrock Farm in Arlington, Indiana, gourmet mushrooms are always in season.

Eric Murphy, owner of Shamrock Farm, was taught by his grandfather how to garden.

"I'm a grower. I like to grow. Mushrooms are a little bit different, but the satisfaction is still the same," says Eric. "Currently I grow four to five varieties depending on the time of year. I grow shiitakes, lion's mane, blue oysters, and portobellos."

Eric supplies his gourmet mushrooms to several restaurants in central Indiana, including Milktooth, Tinker Street, Meridian, and Oceanaire.

A few years ago Eric saw the need for a larger growing operation coming around the corner, so he scaled up his farm to meet demand.

"The demand that I was receiving from the chefs that I deliver to, the home delivery services, the grocery stores, the farmers markets, I could tell I was pretty maxed out," says Eric.

So he constructed a new building 100% purpose-built to grow mushrooms. "They like certain things to be in certain pH ranges. They like CO2 to be within a certain range. They like temperature and humidity to be within a certain range. And each variety has a different set of wants."

And when it came time to find a company to insure his unique farm, he chose to insure through an independent agent who understood his business.

"I got this building insured with Indiana Farmers Mutual through an independent broker who is a friend of mine. My agent, he was pretty inquisitive. He was a curious kind of a guy anyway and he wanted to know what was going on, but he also had to pass that information on to Indiana Farmers. They decided to cover it, and here we are," says Eric.

"When you're talking with local growers, when you're actually talking to that person that grew that vegetable or that mushroom, you know exactly where it's coming from. You know exactly how it was grown," says Eric. "They're not just an entry on a ledger. You try to give them a good product so they in turn can give a good product out to their customer as well."

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