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6 Tips from Our Business Customers

July 05, 2018
Finding a delicious meal or a tasty glass of wine is never a challenge for us. At Indiana Farmers Insurance, we have the privilege of insuring many successful restaurants and beverage companies. The owners of these businesses often choose us as their insurance carrier because they know we will tailor our insurance solutions to meet their unique needs.
Yet, as much as they learn from us and our local agents about insurance, we learn just as much from them about running a business.

Here are some business tips we’ve picked up from some of our customers:

1. Know your numbers

According to Janet MacIntosh, owner of Bad Apple Mac’s in Madison, you need to know how much everything costs to make, right down to the ounces. Doing math may not be a fun as cooking, but it’s essential to running a successful business. More about Indiana Farmers’ business coverage

2. Focus your business

Mark and Meredith Easley of Easley Winery in Indianapolis say that they found a niche for their Reggae wines because grocery stores didn’t have a lot of sweet, fruity wines on their shelves. Today, those wines represent 70 percent of their business. Follow Easley Winery’s story

3. Respond quickly on social media

Today, you can’t run a successful business without having an online presence. While you can’t control what customers say about your business on social media, you can choose how you respond. According to Raya Lawson of Dog n Suds, an authentic drive-in restaurant with two locations in Tippecanoe County, the customer is always right and you want to try and make their experience better and better each time. How has Indiana Farmers helped Dog n Sugs

4. Listen to your customers

Similarly, it’s important to find out what your customers like. At Easley Winery, they have a tasting room so they are able to get immediate feedback and monitor their customers’ preferences. What else makes Easley Winery successful

5. Hire fun and friendly employees

Janet MacIntosh says her employees play a big role in keeping customers coming back to the restaurant, so she makes sure to hire people that will reflect positively on her business. More about the folks at Bad Apple Mac’s

6. Build a relationship with a local insurance agent

The personal touch matters. Raya Lawson says her family’s local Indiana Farmers Insurance agent has taken the time to really get to know their business. She and her family know they can count on him day or night. Insuring your small business with Indiana Farmers

To learn more about how Indiana Farmers Insurance can help your small business with its insurance needs, click here.