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Tips for Frozen Pipes

January 04, 2018
by Darrell Howard, Property Claims Manager
SinkWith the long stretch of sub-zero temperatures we’ve been under, we've seen numerous claims for frozen pipes.

Looking ahead at our weather forecast, we should finally get above freezing this Sunday. That’s the good news. The bad news is that some of the pipes that have frozen and burst will now thaw out and start leaking. 

With the freezing temps, if you haven’t already tackled the list below, be sure to follow these tips:
  • Keep a small trickle of hot and cold water going, especially on faucets located on or near an exterior wall.
  • Keep your thermostat set at a constant temperature. Don’t decrease it during the night.
  • Open cabinet doors to allow heat into the area of any uninsulated pipes.
If your pipes do freeze:
  • Turn off water at the main shut off and leave the faucets open.
  • Call a plumber.
  • You can try to use hot towels, electrical heating tape, or a hair dryer to thaw out a frozen pipe, but don’t use an electrical device around standing water.
  • Don't use a torch to thaw out frozen plumbing. A water loss is better than a fire loss.
  • If you do have a water leak, call a water mitigation company ASAP.

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