Dog n Suds: Lessons Learned from Indiana Businesses

February 26, 2018
TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. - A sure sign that spring is near? Watch for the cars to start pulling into Dog n Suds when they open for the season in Lafayette and West Lafayette.

“I think it’s more of an event when you pull into a station and you place your order through an intercom system. Instead of sitting in a booth at a restaurant, your car is your booth,” says Greg Lawson, General Manager. “The best thing on the menu, of course, is the world’s creamiest root beer in a frozen mug and the coney and coney cheese dog.”

Dog n Suds is an authentic drive-in restaurant with two Tippecanoe County locations.

“I have the luxury of working for both of my parents and with my brother. Having a family business is something that the community really supports and enjoys so they come for that reason which also makes our job fun because we’re serving families,” says Raya Lawson, Head of Marketing and Communications.

How do you keep customers coming back time and time again?

“If you’re not serving good food, at a good price, at a good speed then the customer is not going to come back,” says Greg.

“The best way to boost your online presence is to respond quickly and positively. The customer is always right and you want to make their experience better and better each time,” says Raya.

Having a local insurance agent who knows you and your business also helps.

“Indiana Farmers supplies our insurance through a local agent. If we need anything, any day, at any time he’s there for us, whether it be a claim or a question. Going with other nationwide firms is great and wonderful for some people, but for having our local business really understand who we are is pretty amazing,” says Raya.

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