Rescuing a Kitten from Our Garfield Truck

August 17, 2018
A big thank you to the folks at Butler Toyota of Indianapolis!

We were on the road when we heard meowing coming from our Garfield truck. We slowly pulled into Butler Toyota's service area where Dustin, a service technician who's also been involved with animal rescue for 20 years, came to the rescue. He took out his air wrench, unbolted the inner fender liner, reached up and pulled out a kitten!

The kitten was unharmed, had no marks, and looked to be in great shape. Nadia, who also works in the service area, jumped forward and enthusiastically volunteered to give the kitten a home. She's going to call the kitten "Garfield."

A happy ending for us, the Garfield truck, and "Garfield."
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