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Our 2018 Shining Stars at Indiana Farmers Insurance

April 27, 2018
Each year Indiana Farmers Insurance asks our associates to nominate their peers for our Shining Star awards.
This year, we honored seven associates who made extraordinary contributions to the success and progress of our company.

2018 Indiana Farmers Insurance Shining Stars
Pictured (left to right) are Candice Delhagen, Jenn Spaeth, Kristi Smith, Robin Tignor, Teresa Wright, Garrett Oexmann, and Amy Weber.

And here’s a little more about each outstanding individual:

Candice Delhagen: Candice a team player and always helps anyone in need. She is committed to Indiana Farmers Insurance and our members. She works with urgency and has a passion for doing her job well. Her role is more than a job. It is her way to connect with our members and make a bad situation better with her outstanding customer service. Over the course of 2017 Candice handled over 1,000 claims while maintaining excellent Customer Service survey results with Net Promoter Score of 84.7. Through the first two months of 2018 she has a perfect NPS score! Her commitment to the company and our members is unwavering. While not expected or required, she fields phone calls and emails while away from the office. When her teammates are out she is quick to jump in and assist. She is a strong resource and is always looking for opportunities to improve the claims process for members and the department.

Jenn Spaeth: Jenn is a highly valued member of our team and a true Shining Star. She is quick to jump into any issue that arises to help resolve the matter quickly and accurately. She never hesitates to put the needs of our members and her fellow associates ahead of her own. Jenn is a problem solver and is always looking for ways to challenge the status quo to find a better way to get things done. She takes tremendous pride in her work and always strives to learn more. She spent a significant amount of extra time to support the year-end financial reporting. She played a critical role in filing our 2017 Annual Statement. The list of accomplishments could continue but is best summarized by saying Jenn has a great “can do” attitude, has demonstrated her willingness to put in the extra effort, and has worked extremely hard to ensure deadlines are met while being a true team player with a passion to help others.

Kristi Smith: When the Indiana Department of Insurance issued a moratorium for counties affected by flooding, Kristi jumped in and volunteered to help handle the process to take care of our members. Another example of her passion for Indiana Farmers Insurance and our members is the Account Bill project. She has been the business unit Finance representative and designed the look of the invoices. She has written the requirements and tested everything herself. Kristi has done an amazing job working with Insuresoft to resolve and overcome issues that arose. Both situations have a direct impact on our members and she is dedicated to enhancing their customer experience by collaborating with fellow associates to improve our processes.

Robin Tignor: Robin is always willing to go above and beyond. She always keeps the member in mind when working through the immense intricacies of Diamond Publisher and Composer. Her attention to detail is stellar and results in a better product and experience for our members. She is always willing to drop whatever she’s working on to help troubleshoot a problem, come up with a unique solution, and we rarely see her rattled or without a smile on her face. She has also become one of the most visible faces of Indiana Farmers Insurance when she steps inside our Garfield mascot costume. She brings the costume to life in a way that engages the public and enhances our brand. When asked to wear the costume, she never hesitates. She puts in countless hot and sweaty hours to bring our Garfield to life to help us reach members and potential members in a way no other position in the company can accomplish. Simply put, when Garfield is at an event he is the center of attention, and that wouldn’t be possible without the creativity and hard work Robin brings to Garfield when she wears that costume.

Teresa Wright: Teresa always has a smile on her face and projects a happy work environment. She has a lot of pep in her step and always has something kind or positive to say. Teresa speaks to everyone and knows everyone’s name, including our field associates. She brightens our day with cheerful singing while vacuuming and dancing while clearing the tables. She is our “go to” for organizing home office functions. We could go on for hours but just a few of the things she does for all of us include ordering catered lunches, fruit days, popcorn set-up and clean-up and of course she keeps the coffee and K-cups supplied! She pays close attention to what is consumed in the Imagination Station and knows our associates' preferences and takes that into account as she plans her order or organizes various events. One might call her the mom of Indiana Farmers because she takes care of everyone!

Garrett Oexmann: Six years ago, Garrett joined the Claims team. Some might have considered him a bit of a rookie, but no longer! He is asked to meet our members on the worst days of their lives. Last year provided several bad days for members in southwest Indiana. The media missed it, and many at the company never really saw the magnitude of the losses. However, within hours of receiving the claims he was there surveying the damage and working to help put our policyholders' lives back together. Garrett is the ultimate team player. He is always willing to assist a fellow adjuster and routinely schedules his time off so he will be available during the heaviest portions of the CAT season. Local agents have shared that they are able to promote our claims service just by mentioning the “Oexmann” name. Garrett in name alone is a strong player for Indiana Farmers, but add his claims expertise and he hits a home run for us, being sure not to leave a customer on base!

Amy Weber: Amy has an infectiously positive, professional attitude and routinely achieves her goals. She has developed a habit of consistently producing outstanding results, working diligently to meet the needs of our members and being an active member of the company. As a field associate it can be a challenge to remain actively engaged in the organization but she takes the time to do so by participating in Indiana Farmers Coliseum events, associate activities, and most recently as a volunteer on the Go Green team. In addition, she is an active member of the local CPCU Chapter. She has been asked to speak at two industry events over the past year and during the events she has taken the time to herald the values we have at Indiana Farmers Insurance, championing not only our company but our industry.

Again, congratulations to each of our Shining Stars who truly help make Indiana Farmers Insurance the smart insurance choice for our members.