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Insurance Tips for Newlyweds

September 14, 2017
When you get married, two lives become one. In addition to combining living space and bank accounts, many couples also need to consolidate their insurance policies. Here are some tips on what to do if you are about to or have recently tied the knot.
WeddingDetermine your insurance needs
When you marry, your assets multiply overnight. Combining households, wedding gifts, and new purchases adds more possessions. Are they all covered under your current home insurance? You may have two automobiles. What’s the best way to insure them? And does one of your employers offer better or more affordable health insurance? These are all questions you need to answer. For home and auto questions, your Indiana Farmers independent insurance agent will be glad to assist you.
Consolidate your policies
If you’ve lived under separate roofs prior to walking down the aisle, you can keep one home insurance policy and cancel the other when you move in together. Again, you may want to increase coverage limits on the policy you keep. Combining your home and auto insurance with Indiana Farmers also saves you money. Make sure to ask your agent about multi-car deals, an additional source of savings.
Inform your agent about your new status
It may be time to consolidate. Make sure your spouse is added to your policies or you are added to theirs.
Receive a discount if you buy a new house
If you’re beginning your new life together by moving out of an apartment and into your first house, talk to your Indiana Farmers insurance agent. We offer discounted rates on new homes.
Your Indiana Farmers independent insurance agent can be a valuable resource as you take this next step in life together. They will be happy to advise you on all your home and auto insurance needs now and throughout your life. Click here to find an agent near you.