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Our 2017 Customer Experience Award Winners

October 03, 2017
Today is Customer Experience (CX) Day. CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers.
Indiana Farmers Customer Experience AwardOur company's vision is to always be the smart insurance choice for our members. We strive every day in everything that we do to always put our members first.

So today, our Customer Experience Team would like to honor several associates who exemplify award-worthy customer experience performance with our inaugural Customer Experience Awards.

Congratulations to our award winners across these four categories (with excerpts from their nominations):

Demonstrated CX Leadership:

Katie McQueen: Katie is passionate about our members and champions them in everything she does, whether it is recommending member-focused signage in our meeting rooms to offering to hand-deliver needed policy documentation to a member’s front door.

Jeanna Lemaster: Jeanna is always concerned about our members and always willing to jump in to help resolve a situation or research a member problem. Whether a complaint comes in through social media or is contained within her own department, she’s on it right away. She is a true leader by example.

Todd Fearrin: I haven't observed Todd complain about extra work on a single occasion, even when it likely interferes with the work that he had planned to accomplish during that time. If there is any truth to the expression that you “lead by example,” then I would suggest that Todd is one of the true leaders in the Claims department.

Chad Koosman: Chad can quickly develop a positive relationship with our policyholders, often on the worst day of their lives. Recently, he received a claim at 2 p.m. on a Friday. By 5 p.m. that same day, he was on site, assisting the members with the fire damage to their dwelling. I appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.

Harry Taylor: Seems there is rarely a week that goes by that Harry isn’t mentioned in our Friday associate newsletter shout outs for helping associates so we can help our members. He can be relied on to resolve network issues regardless of time of day, weekends, etc.
Jackie Green: Jackie has done an excellent job with IndianaFarmers.com, and while working with vendors and leadership always keeps focus on user experience and content. She keeps focus on member-related content and does her best to keep social media messaging relevant and engaging to members. 
Save/Service Recovery:

Carole Glaspie-Baker: Carole has been absolutely wonderful. I mean, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing after the accident, and you guys have been just right on the ball and so polite and helpful and I just really, really appreciate everything you have done in helping me understand this whole process and get through it. Thank you.

Jeanna Lemaster: A member who had an unpleasant experience posted a Google review with a low rating. As is often the case, there was a breakdown in communication. In this instance, the communications spanned multiple areas outside of Jeanna’s control. She took responsibility for the situation and worked with the member to clear up confusion.

Katie McQueen: On multiple occasions, Katie has taken it upon herself to hand deliver communications, settlement checks, or to meet in person with members who have needed assistance that goes above and beyond normal escalation handling. She has also taken documentation and settlement checks to the member’s agency. 

Karen Thornberry: Karen is always willing, no matter the hour or the situation, to go the extra mile to help our members. This most notably is seen on the weekend and evenings when she responds to customer complaints and issues after our physical office has closed. Karen’s calm and understanding demeanor help ensure our members are getting the best customer care possible, even when we must deliver news they might not want to hear.

Most Impactful New Process/Transformation:

Denny Sanders: Denny successfully led two customer facing projects: Consumer online quoting and then quoting/selling auto on the Indiana Farmers website. In addition to her always diligent PM role, Denny did a ton of research for these projects.

Technical/Special Achievement:

Matt Amonett: A member-focused section of our website was long overdue for an update when Matt decided to do something about it. On his own time and at his own initiative, Matt set about to design a version on a new platform.

Denny Sanders: Denny successfully led two customer facing projects: Consumer online quoting and then quoting/selling auto on the Indiana Farmers website. In addition to her always diligent PM role, Denny did a ton of research for these projects.

We have many associates creating great experiences for our members, so we also want to thank all of them for their hard work making Indiana Farmers the SMART choice. Thank you!