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Share the Road with Motorcycles

May 08, 2017
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.
Share the RoadHere are some tips for both drivers and riders to ensure everyone’s safety while out on the road.

For Drivers
  • Respect the motorcyclist. Give them a full lane of travel.

  • Look for motorcycles. Watch for them at intersections, especially when making a left turn. Be sure to check your blind spots often and before changing lanes.

  • Give them some room. Motorcycle riders have to handle traffic, weather and road conditions differently than a car so give them room to maneuver so you have plenty of time to adjust.

For Riders
  • Make yourself visible. Use bright colored gear or retro-reflective strips or decals to make yourself easier to spot, especially at night.

  • Give yourself space and time to react. Allow space for emergency braking. Do not make sudden lane moves.

  • Signal your intentions.

Drivers and riders need to be courteous and respectful of one another. This, along with non-aggressive driving, will help to reduce the number of crashes.
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