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Freezing Rain and Ice Driving Tips

January 13, 2017
by the Indiana Department of Transportation

Freezing rain and ice are the most dangerous of all winter road conditions because they affect all vehicle sizes and types, including those with four-wheel drive and INDOT's own salt trucks.

In these types of conditions, motorists are strongly encouraged to stay off the roads to allow access for salt trucks and emergency vehicles.

Here are several steps that drivers can take to minimize the risk of losing control on icy roads:

  • Consult hourly weather forecasts and schedule high-speed and long-distance trips during the warmer hours of the day. This will help save the extra time needed to slow down and drive according to the conditions.
  • Monitor current air temperatures and slow down if conditions are near or below freezing. Watch how salt trucks, emergency vehicles and other drivers are responding to the weather.
  • Apply anti-lock brakes firmly when encountering ice. Pump brakes that are not anti-lock. Do not overcorrect with steering.

Information provided by the Indiana Department of Transportation.