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Reducing Distracted Teen Driving: There Are Apps for That

August 15, 2017
One of the leading causes of roadway accidents is distracted driving. And one of the greatest distractions today for teen drivers are mobile phones.
If you have a teen who is just starting to drive – or is already driving – reduce the temptation to pick up the phone while behind the wheel. Simply download and install one of these apps on their phone. The apps disable incoming calls and texts, monitor driving habits or provide voice command operation on their phones so eyes remain on the road.
LifeSaver – Made for both Android and iPhone, this free app blocks phone use while driving, automatically tracks driving performance and provides safe arrival alerts. It notifies parents if the app has been unlocked during driving, but also allows parents to set up electronic rewards for the right behavior such as iTunes gift cards.
True Motion Family – Compatible with Android and iPhone, this free app uses GPS technology to track where your teens are and how they got there. It monitors phone use, texting, aggressive driving and speeding. It then scores each driver in the house and shares that score with the entire family.
AT&T DriveMode – Exclusively for users on AT&T’s mobile network, this free app is available for iPhone. AT&T’s DriveMode prevents distracted driving by blocking talking and texting while driving. The app can be set up to automatically launch when speeds climb above 15 mph. It can also inform parents if their teen drivers have deactivated the app or changed settings.
MamaBear – Another free app for iPhone, MamaBear is for parents who want to really keep a close eye on their teens. The app allows you to monitor where your children are via GPS tracking. It sends notifications when they arrive at or leave pre-set destinations and alerts parents if children exceed pre-set speeds while driving. The app also enables parents to monitor their teens’ social media interactions.
Whether your teens are already driving or soon to be driving, these apps can help them learn good driving habits. Also, once they get their driver’s license, don’t forget to talk to your Indiana Farmers agent about adding them to your insurance policy.