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'They Made It Right'

June 08, 2016
Glenn Oplinger loved his Jaguar. Not because of the status of owning a Jaguar, but because of its handling. It rode fast and smooth.

One Friday evening while coming home from church, the quiet of the drive was broken by a large bang. When Glenn investigated, he found no issues with the car and felt no change in handling. And like so many of us would, he assumed everything was fine.

A few days later when driving to Effingham, Ill. from Fort Wayne to pick up a friend’s son, his power steering failed, followed by his brakes. As he pulled over, the engine overheated and he was stuck miles from home on the side of an interstate.

Glenn had the car towed into a small town, where he was told the closest place to service the Jag was St. Louis. After the initial diagnosis, Glenn met a slew of uncaring mechanics, and even found difficulty getting the car towed across state lines. Glenn felt like he was on his own.

But as Glenn soon found out, he wasn't alone: Gerri Mannix from Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance, working on behalf of Imel Insurance, had his back. Gerri jumped in with both feet, taking care of his claim quickly, assigned an appraiser and worked to get things settled. Even though the breakdown was a result of the Friday evening mishap, the loss was covered. And although the 2003 Jaguar was not repairable, Glenn was more than satisfied with the service and resolution.

“She was so compassionate,” noted Oplinger. “I don’t feel like I’m just a customer. I really do feel like she and everyone at Indiana Farmers cares about what’s going on in peoples’ lives. They made it right.”

And while no mechanic could save his car, his experience was so great that he has recommended us to many of his friends.