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New Car? Let Us Know!

January 01, 2016
If you are shopping for a new car, your agent will be happy to give you quotes on the vehicles you are considering. After you buy, make sure to let him/her know the final details as soon as possible!


What does "as soon as possible" mean?

Your auto insurance will cover your new car for a short period of time, but how long depends on several things, such as if you are trading a vehicle or adding a new vehicle to your policy and what type of coverage you want versus what you already have.

To be on the safe side, contact your agent within four days if you have purchased an additional vehicle that isn’t replacing one that is already covered.

If you are replacing a car you already have coverage on, technically you have more time to inform your agent. However, the problem with waiting is that you may need different coverage, and the longer you wait, the more likely it is that you could forget, and end up not having coverage at all! We still recommend contacting your agent within four days, to make sure you have the coverage that's right for you. 

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