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Creating Great Customer Experiences

February 26, 2016
by Bart Anderson, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Vision Officer
Last month I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast meeting of CX professionals in Indianapolis. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry you’re not alone. A CX professional is a customer experience professional, and as of January I find myself one of the newest members of that club.
I went to the meeting in hopes of gaining great insights from companies such as Interactive Intelligence,, Anthem, and Oracle. Before the butter had melted into my oatmeal, it became clear that while the concept of creating great customer experiences has been around for a long time, there are few companies where those experiences really drive corporate strategy. And, fewer still that have reached a state where CX has become a core competency. I left breakfast knowing that while we have a great deal to learn, we are also pioneers of sorts in the science of customer experience.
We started our voice of the customer initiative one year ago. We began by asking questions, and so far our policyholders have told us what they think more than 2,000 times. We have created our own data collection methods and a customer experience index so that we may track our progress over time. But, we are really just getting started.
In 2016, we will reach out at additional customer touch points. We will ask more questions. More importantly, we will act on customer feedback. In March, we will create a CX Team whose only purpose will be to evaluate feedback, re-engineer processes and create enhancements that will improve customer journeys.
So why do all this? We choose to do it because we are first and foremost a service company. We choose to do it to separate ourselves from the herd of complacency. We choose to do it because it's obvious in the age of the customer – the experience can and will make all the difference.