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Real Indiana: A Story of Giving, the Agape Way

August 30, 2016
by Lindsay Buzzard, Corporate Development and Knowledge Manager

Indiana Farmers provides many opportunities for associates to give as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Using a Day of Service is a company favorite as we get to go into our community and help our fellow Hoosiers with whichever non-profit organization is closest to our hearts.  

This year, one of our biggest efforts was at an organization called Agape, a therapeutic riding center in Cicero for children with special needs. Agape means "unconditional love" in Greek and "agape" is reflected in the history of this riding center and in the hearts of all of their employees and their hundreds of volunteers. 

Fifteen Indiana Farmers associates spent the day at Agape, painting the arena, gates, columns, benches, and the horse shelters. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. It brightens and breathes life back into what may have been dull and in need of a little TLC.

We were emotional listening to the founder, Cheryl Miller, relive the stories of past students and how much they blossomed being around the horses. Children who never spoke a word opened their mouths to urge their horse to "walk on" or to scream out with excitement. With time, the muscles of several children with physical handicaps strengthened to the point that they were able to ride independently where they once had to be held onto the horse by side walkers. The lives of children and their families who had little or no hope were transformed at Agape! It’s truly a life changing, inspirational place and there is no doubt in my mind that Agape served as a fresh coat of paint for our Day of Service team’s hearts, souls and minds.

A Day of Service not only benefits our community, it also brings our company together and strengthens our culture. We get to interact with other associates who we may not know well, and it’s amazing that by the end of the day, after sharing in such a powerful experience, we develop strong and lasting friendships.

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